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Wrigley - Starburst and Skittles, Haram or Halal?

UPDATE:  Contact us via e-mail or comments, if you'd like to research any other product.  All updates will be posted.

I called Wrigleys today, to find out if Skittles are Haram or Hala to consume. After conversing with a lady by the name of "Melissa", she provided me the info and sent me the following e-mail:

Dear Mr. M,

Thank you for contacting us to inquire about the origin of the gelatin used in .
Gelatin contributes to the unique texture of our Skittles and Starburst products sold in the U.S.

The gelatin used is U.S. Starburst Gummibursts is derived from pork. The gelatin used in all other U.S. Starburst products and all U.S. Skittles products is derived from beef.

We would also like to inform you that are removing the gelatin from Skittles products and you should start to see the Gelatin free Skittles in your stores soon. We would recommend to just check the labels before purchasing to make sure the label does say Gelatin free.

We hope this information is helpful in finding your favorite products. If you have any further comments or questions please feel free to contact us, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, at 1-800-974-4539.

Melissa Kepple
Consumer Affairs Representative


Anonymous said…
Alhamdolilah. I contacted Wrigley but they didn't say anything about this! I really hope this happens soon. Been waiting for a while to get my hands on those Purple Skittles =)
Anonymous said…
I never knew i always thought all candy was used with beef/plant gelatin. Now i can actually eat those tropical skittles!!!!!!!
(\/) said…
ALL - DO NOT FORGET: Look at the labels before consuming the products.
Anonymous said…
As-Salaam Alaikum all. I just spoke to Wrigley today [2/12/2013] and they said that currently, all their skittles product are free of animal product of any kind but their starbursts still contain gelatin from beef and/or pork. They are still working on changing the starbursts' ingredients. This is good progress and it can even be sped up if more people make the request, so please take a moment and call them if you can. I just thought an update might be useful. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I bought some skittles for the children the other day and am witness that the package does indeed say "Gluten Free, Gelatin Free" Alhumdulilah!

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